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The Lethbridge Rocketry Association is a group of individuals who get together to promote the safe building and flying of all rocket sizes and power classifications. We fly everything from small model rockets on A thru G impulse motors, to larger more sophisticated rockets equipped with electronics and tracking devices.

We are affiliated with the  Canadian Association of Rocketry L'Association Canadienne De Fus√©ologie (CAR-ACF) and follow all rules and regulations as set out by the CAR-ACF.  You must be a CAR member in good standing to launch any rockets.

Are you interested in rocketry?  Contact us today to find out more about this exciting and fun hobby.

News & Events

  • Rock Lake 2017 Update

    Hello all,


    We are only seven days out and I am sure a lot of us have been dreaming of launching rockets. I will probably have one more update the middle of next week, but lets get through the usual business.

    - The weather is looking OK. Unlike other years where we have had to contend with 35 degree temps, we are looking at a much milder temp in the low 20s. There is a possibility of some showers at this point, but also a good amount of sun. Plan accordingly for the weather with shelter, sunscreen, etc. Not sure what the bug population looks like yet, but Off is always a good idea.

    - bring all that you will need to have a good time. There is no concession on site, so liquid refreshments and food are a necessity.

    - we will have our usual bonfire on Saturday night, so bring a firewood donation.

    - If you have any fireworks, we will be hopefully launching some on Saturday as well.

    - WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS! Currently, there is alot of empty spots. No one launches unless some one pushes the buttons.

    - For any new comers, look for signs to direct you.

    - please get any questions my way ASAP.

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