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Rock Lake 2017 Update

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Hello all,

We are only two weeks away!  Th long range weather forecast is looking good and fire hazard is still low, which means that things are looking very good for the launch.  Please check out the following:

  • Things have seemed really quiet lately so I would love to hear back from people on whether they are coming.
  • We need people to step up for duty shifts!  If you go to, you will see a blank slate of shifts as NO ONE has yet to step up.  Please do so ASAP.
  • Anyone have some fireworks they are itching to set off?  As July 1 falls on this weekend, it would be great to add a little extra bang to the festivities. J

Lastly, a quick poll question.  We send out information via our website, Facebook page, and the various Yahoo groups.  Which method do you prefer to get your updates?

I will be sending out another update in a week with any last-minute details.  Let me know if there are any questions.


Tim Rempel


Level 4

RI Level 3


Rock Lake 16

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Rock Lake 16 dates

Rock Lake 16 will be held on June 27 to 29th, 2014.  Start your planning now to attend this great summer event!    As always there will be lots of great launches, great people and a lot of rockets.  Contact us with any questions.

Update from the site

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Things are looking very good. Gravel road is in good condition, not too much standing water in the pit, and weather is BEAUTIFUL!!

As usual mosquitoes are in full force and for some reason horse flies. Lots of Off is in order. Also lots of water and other liquids will be needed. :)

See you here!

Rock Lake - June 29 to July 1!

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Rock Lake - June 29 to July 1!

The Lethbridge Rocketry Association (LRA) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) are inviting everyone to the one of the largest launches in Canada.

Lethbridge Rocketry Association (LRA) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR-ACF) are pleased to bring you the annual Rock Lake Launch that occurs in late June or early July each year.  This  3 day event has grown to become one of the largest launches in Canada and its location enables flights that cannot occur in many other places.  Standard ceilings of 20,000 ft AGL with windows to 50,000 or greater are possible.


This launch is held under CAR-ACF rules and all fliers must be members.  Memberships can be obtained on site and there are many membership options to choose from.



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