Rock Lake 18 Update #1

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Hello all,

Two months from today we will have started Day two of Rock Lake!  Wow, time flies fast.  (Especially as you get older. J)  Here are a couple of updates for everyone.

Motor Order – In talking with Angelo at Sunward, he has indicated that availability of some motors is a little spotty.  His advice is to order any motors that you need ASAP in order to have the best chance of having them for Rock Lake.  I assume that this would be the case for whomever that you use as a supplier.  We have set up a shipment plan as we did last year that will have your motors delivered to the site for the launch.  All orders must be in to Sunward ( before June 17, 2016 (and even sooner as per a comment above).  Please indicate at time of order that you want it shipped to Rock Lake.

Fire works? – As we will be launching on July 1, it seems in appropriate to have some fireworks no?  Barring a large corporate sponsor stepping up to sponsor anything, I think we will have to settle with the potluck approach.  Anyone that wants too, please bring anything you have!

Volunteers – As always, we need people to step up and help to pull this off.  LCO’s, RI’s, set up, tear down, etc.  Please head to to sign up for some duty shifts.

As always, let me know if there are any questions.


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