Rock Lake 2017 Update

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Hello all,

We are only two weeks away!  Th long range weather forecast is looking good and fire hazard is still low, which means that things are looking very good for the launch.  Please check out the following:

  • Things have seemed really quiet lately so I would love to hear back from people on whether they are coming.
  • We need people to step up for duty shifts!  If you go to, you will see a blank slate of shifts as NO ONE has yet to step up.  Please do so ASAP.
  • Anyone have some fireworks they are itching to set off?  As July 1 falls on this weekend, it would be great to add a little extra bang to the festivities. J

Lastly, a quick poll question.  We send out information via our website, Facebook page, and the various Yahoo groups.  Which method do you prefer to get your updates?

I will be sending out another update in a week with any last-minute details.  Let me know if there are any questions.


Tim Rempel


Level 4

RI Level 3


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