Rock Lake update

So, I am not sure if everyone has seen the forecast for the weekend, but it looks like we are going to have a very HOT time at Rock Lake this year.  The current forecast calls for 32 on Friday, 35 on Saturday and36 on Sunday.  Wow!  Currently there are no fire advisories or bans so all is looking good on that front however, with this heat and the dryness we will be extra diligent with fire safety.  To that end, anyone that is coming that has any sort of water fire extinguishers, please bring them!


Also, with this heat, we need to watch people’s health.  Bring extra water and if you have any sort of easy up/sun shade, please bring those as well.

Winds are forecast to be light (5 to 10 KPH).


The good news is that we have confirmation that the mosquito population is very light this year!


See you all soon.


Tim Rempel

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