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Rock Lake Update

Hello all,

 One week from today we will be launching!  Everything is looking good for a fabulous event.

 Launch Authorization – Check

Fire Permit – Check (or at least it is confirmed that it is on the way)

Porta potties – Check

Weather – Looking good with highs in the low 30’s, some showers possible Friday, may be getting a bit breezy Sunday. 

 With the heat, remember to bring lots of liquids and shade!  I have no idea what the mosquito situation is like, but you can be sure our little friends will be there.  Bring some repellant.

 We will be having our usual Saturday bonfire, so if you have some extra wood to contribute to the pile, bring it along.

 As mentioned, Friday night we hope to have some fireworks as it is Canada Day.  If you have access to some, please bring it along.

 Hoping to see a bunch of you out there.  I will be on site Wednesday already, so come out whenever you want.


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